Places, festivals and eventsTo visit in Caltanissetta

Opt for alternative routes, you know, you can memorize options be risky but there is no remote possibility of receiving pleasant surprises. Choose the Sicilian hinterland is synonymous with curiosity and offers the opportunity to discover something new. Nature, art, history, gastronomy: four cardinal points whose coordinates pointing straight out of Caltanissetta.

Strong cultural roots and hundreds of rituals that have been handed down for centuries, evoking a piece of the world Caltanissetta than late. The various Caltanissetta souls huddle together around the festive and religious ceremonies of Holy Week.

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Territories and Caltanissetta culture

To the center of Sicily, the territory of Caltanissetta is one of the richest in suggestions and history of the island. From here passed Normans, Swabians and Angevins, although were the sicani and then the Greeks to inhabit these lands first.

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Easter in CaltanissettaRites of Holy Week

Religious holidays, to represent Caltanissetta a big tourist-cultural way. The city turns on these occasions, in a huge theater, where the majestic and ancient traditions come to life.

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Rites of Holy Week

Caltanissetta's souls huddle together around the festive and religious rites. Catapult is like in History, be participants and protagonists of an ancient world mingling emotions, feelings, thoughts, and palpitations of mind.

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